20 Cubic Meter Laterite


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20 cubic meter Laterite: High-quality construction material, ideal for durable structures, landscaping, and road construction.

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20 Cubic Meter Laterite.

our premium-grade 20 cubic meter laterite, a versatile and exceptional material that caters to various construction and landscaping needs. With its remarkable properties and captivating aesthetic appeal, this product is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Aggregate prices vary based on location:

Laterite Adenta, Oyarifa ¢ 1,000
Dodowa,  Agomenya, Agomeda, Oyibi  ¢ 1,200
Ashieman ¢ 1,300
Achimota, Kwashie ¢ 1,500
Madina, Botwe, School Junction, Hatso, East Legon ¢ 1,500
Somanya, Adoblobe ¢ 1,500
Kasoa ¢ 1,500
Weija, Tabora ¢ 1,800
Chippings Kasoa, Weija  ¢ 2,600
Madina, Botwe, Achimota, Adenta, Oyarifa, School Junction, Hatso, East Legon  ¢ 2,700
Dodowa, Agomenya, Agomeda, Oyibi  ¢ 2,800
Somanya, Adoblobe  ¢ 3,000
Sand Kasoa, Weija   ¢ 2,200
Madina, Botwe, Achimota, Adenta, Oyarifa, School Junction, Hatso, East Legon, Tabora, Kwashieman, Oyibi   ¢ 2,400
Adoblobe   ¢ 2,500
Dodowa, Agomenya, Agomeda   ¢ 2,700
Somanya   ¢ 3,000

Derived from natural geological processes, our carefully sourced 20 cubic meter laterite boasts a rich composition of minerals and iron oxides, lending it a distinct reddish-brown hue. This earthy color, complemented by its unique texture, adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any environment.

Transitioning to its exceptional functionality, this high-quality laterite proves to be an ideal construction material. Its strong and durable nature ensures longevity, providing a reliable foundation for structures and retaining walls. Additionally, the material’s excellent permeability allows for proper drainage, making it particularly suitable for landscaping projects, such as garden paths or decorative elements.

Moreover, with its versatility, our 20 cubic meter laterite offers countless creative possibilities. Whether it’s crafting stunning facades, accentuating outdoor features, or even designing captivating sculptures, the material’s malleability allows for effortless shaping and carving. Furthermore, this 20 cubic meter laterite aligns with environmentally conscious practices.

This 20 cubic meter laterite stands as a premier choice for discerning customers seeking a distinctive and functional material. Derived from natural geological processes, its rich composition of minerals and iron oxides creates a unique reddish-brown hue that adds elegance and warmth.

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