• 20 Cubic Meter Sand
  • 20 Cubic Meter Sand

20 Cubic Meter Sand


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High-quality, 20 cubic meter sand ideal for construction projects, landscaping, and creating a solid foundation.

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20 Cubic Meter Sand

Our premium-quality 20 cubic meter sand, is a versatile and essential material for all your construction, landscaping, and industrial needs. This abundant quantity offers exceptional value and is meticulously sourced to meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Aggregate prices vary based on location:

Sand Kasoa, Weija ¢ 2,200
Madina, Botwe, Achimota, Adenta, Oyarifa, School Junction, Hatso, East Legon, Tabora, Kwashieman, Oyibi  ¢ 2,400
Adoblobe ¢ 2,500
Dodowa, Agomenya, Agomeda ¢ 2,700
Somanya ¢ 3,000
Chippings Kasoa, Weija  ¢ 2,600
Madina, Botwe, Achimota, Adenta, Oyarifa, School Junction, Hatso, East Legon  ¢ 2,700
Dodowa, Agomenya, Agomeda, Oyibi  ¢ 2,800
Somanya, Adoblobe  ¢ 3,000
Laterite Dodowa,  Agomenya, Agomeda, Oyibi  ¢ 1,100
Adenta, Oyarifa  ¢ 1,200
 Ashieman  ¢ 1,300
Achimota, Kwashie  ¢ 1,500
Madina, Botwe, School Junction, Hatso, East Legon  ¢ 1,500
Somanya, Adoblobe  ¢ 1,500
Kasoa  ¢ 1,500
Weija, Tabora  ¢ 1,800
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Other Aggregates available include;

1. Chippings
2. Laterites

Know that :

With its finely divided rock and mineral particles, our 20 cubic meter sand is perfect for construction projects of any scale. It serves as a vital component in concrete production, providing stability and strength to structures. Whether you’re building foundations, walls, or pavements, this ensures the integrity and durability of your construction projects.

Also, transform your outdoor spaces with the help of our 20 cubic meter sand in your landscaping endeavors. It is ideal for creating a solid base for pavers, ensuring a level surface for walkways, patios, or driveways. Enhance your garden or playground by using this sand to fill sandboxes or play areas, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children.

In the industrial sector, our 20 cubic meter sand is a valuable resource for various applications. Foundries can rely on its superior quality for casting metal objects, guaranteeing precision and excellence. Also, glass and ceramic manufacturers can count on this us for its exceptional purity, resulting in high-quality end products. Additionally, it is an indispensable ingredient in sandblasting operations, facilitating efficient surface preparation and cleaning.

Rest assured, our 20 cubic meter sand is carefully selected, processed, and screened to meet stringent quality control measures. It is free from impurities, ensuring optimal performance in all your projects. Moreover, we understand the importance of timely delivery, and our dedicated team ensures that your order arrives promptly, ready to be put to use.

Choose our 20 cubic meter sand for its reliability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Experience the difference that superior quality sand can make in achieving outstanding results in your construction, landscaping, or industrial ventures. Lastly, trust us to provide you with the essential material that exceeds your expectations and contributes to the success of your projects.

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